Tuesday, February 12, 2013

L'Amour, Toujours L'Amour

Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday here at Hugh.  That might seem counterintuitive, considering the bachelor angle, but that part is really about the style.  Hugh is as much pro-love as it is pro-singlehood: it's all about being happy. And what makes someone happier than a brilliant Valentine's Day gift?  Here are some favorite gift selections - for guys and for girls - from our panel of experts.

The very subtle "Let's Make Out" Pillows  $99

The Moscow Vase, upcycled from an old Smirnoff bottle.
Chicks dig an earth-first kind of guy.  $14 (you supply the organic flowers)

Uber-hip and masculine Braun wristwatch.  $160

Wit & wisdom from Detroit's Bachelor Mayor, and unintentional humor
from the one who just thought he was a bachelor.  $8 each

When you care enough to shock and titillate.  $4

Miniature replica of Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture,
for the lover AND the art lover  $76

Cuff links in sterling silver with vinyl from real Olympia Stadium seats! $165

Get to third base. Give these Pick Up Line Coasters  $13

Sophisticated romance. Vintage silverplate champagne bucket and coupes.  $85

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