Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Electric Blue

If you're of a certain age, you remember those old cable boxes where you could play around with the dial and sort of get Skinemax or the Playboy Channel to show up.  Usually as a negative image.  You make do with what you can get when you're 13.  It's not like we had the internet back in 1982.

One program whose opening credits have been lodged in the back of my brain all this time was Electric Blue, a Playboy channel program.  I've been looking for evidence of that show for years, and I finally found it.  Well, highly-edited evidence, but this is a family blog.  Watch this completely safe-for-work version of the credits.  At least you can enjoy the amazing song, from the golden years of watch-at-home erotica.

Speaking of classic erotica, we're up to our ears in vintage Playboys at Hugh, with issues dating from 1964 to 1979.  At $7 a pop they're a fun way to enjoy a more innocent, almost charming, period in American bachelordom, and a vintage Playboy from someone's birth month makes a terrific gift.

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