Sunday, March 6, 2016

Deliver Me

This time of year is such a bummer, winter just won't let get go. This morning this song was in my head, "Deliver Me" by The Beloved.

Back in the early Aughts this song was on one of the Hed Kandi "Winter Chill" compilation cds we used to sell at my old store Mezzanine, so it brings back some good memories of that. I didn't discover the video until later, but now I love its 1996 moment. The Damien Hirst-style gallery exhibit, the early Wallpaper* magazine look of all the actors, that green that was all over The Matrix only two years later.

Given how quickly we churn through cultural references it seems like people would be looking back to the 90s a little bit more than they do ("Seinfeld" on Hulu doesn't count). Anyway, it's a enjoyable little fin-de-si├Ęcle moment on a cold March morning.

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