Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Sterling Reputation

The warm metallic glow of vintage silverplate is really cool.  The quadruple-plated loving cup ($34), the Italian "Honor" water pitcher ($40) and the silverplate-over-copper martini pitcher ($36) are the hot finds this month.

That's the Jonathan Adler Lady Pillow in the background.  And yes, you can see her muffuletta.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good News for Hugh

As we hit the T-minus 40 days and counting mark with Hugh (yes, it's all ending that soon), it's a real gas to be voted "Best Store for the Bachelor" by Real Detroit Weekly!

Sure, it might be a temporary retail venture (with an alleged six-month lifespan since fall ’09, get there soon!) for local tastemaker Joe Posch (of Mezzanine fame), but Hugh’s a wonderful one at that. The lifestyle shop gives a nod to the classic bachelor in Foxtown’s Iodent Building (which also houses Centaur). At Hugh, you can stock up on vintage and contemporary accessories for the bar: martini shakers, wine carafes, shot glasses and drink stirrers, as well as retro issues of Playboy Magazine (hence the boutique name), as well as sophisticated and stylish goods for home, office and wardrobe. We can’t forget to mention the witty URL associated with Hugh —

Read about all the other cool stores that won here.  Thanks Real Detroit Weekly!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maximize your ROI

The smart man knows it's important to maximize the return on any investment.  At Hugh, we think that carries over into gift-giving, and no occasion requires a thoughtful gift more than Valentine's Day.

The Mirror Mirror is a simple square mirror, but written upon its surface is a litany of praise.  "Oh how beautiful you are! You’re charming. You look gorgeous! It’s fantastic. You are so infinitely attractive!"  And so on, for hundreds of words.

One gift yields daily happiness.  That's a great ROI.

The Mirror Mirror is available in two sizes and several languages.  More information here at the Hugh online shop.