Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hugh & Hatch

Fantastico!  Hugh made it to the semi-finals of the Hatch Detroit competition!  From a group of over 200 applicants we made it to the top ten, and that in and of itself is an amazing honor.

Now the work really begins ... courting your public vote!  For the next 14 days you can vote once per day.  It would be really tremendous if you would vote for Hugh and get the little shop that could (and did) into the finals!

First, a bit about what a permanent Hugh would mean.

Hugh will move from its Park Avenue address (where the old Hugh location is about to open as Sean Harrington's Hot Taco restaurant) up to Midtown, in the Auburn building that is currently under construction.  The store will be about 1200 square feet, four times the size of the temporary location.  It will sell the mix of new and vintage items that the first iteration of Hugh sold, only with a broader selection, as well as more furniture and lighting.

Ultimately, it will be a uniquely Detroit store, and it will be the kind of place that makes you remember why bricks-and-mortar retail is so great.

Find Hugh on Facebook if you haven't already - it will be a highly entertaining couple of weeks on there I guarantee!  If you would like to read Hugh's entire application for the Hatch competition, which features a strong sell on why Hugh is so great plus a little information about its humble proprietor, you can find a link here

And while you are there, vote for Hugh!  Remember, once a day for two weeks - just like a course of antibiotics!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Remember Hugh

Hatch Detroit is an amazing new contest where some of the best store ideas in Detroit compete for a $50,000 prize, to help open up a new retail biz.  That's enough to make even an inveterate playboy consider settling down.  Hugh has thrown its stylish hat in the ring! 

Our submission video is a walk down memory lane.  Enjoy, and spread the word!