Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Little Media for Hugh

Boy, the Hatch Detroit competition really drags you right back into the cut-throat world of Detroit retail!  And by cut-throat I mean super supportive and non-competitive.  I know, it's weird here.

Hugh is doing OK in the competition, we are routinely about 120 out of fourth place, which is where we need to be to move on to the next round.  If you can drum up some new votes for us, we'd be really glad.  200 would be awesome.

In the meantime, Hugh has made the media a bit!  Why?  Maybe because it's the best idea that is PURE RETAIL in the competition!  See something!  Love something!  Buy something!

Our first hit?  Curbed Detroit says "Food Desert? Try Design Desert: Why Detroit Needs Hugh"

Yesterday I hung out with Craig Fahle on WDET. In the past I've been able to say things like "taint of the Nain Rouge" and "doggy style" on the air.  Today I got to say "lovehughlongtime."  It's amazing how much they humor me at WDET.

Mark Maynard is a little annoyed that he didn't follow-through with his Hatch-type idea, but that's what you get when you procrastinate I guess.  We are old friends though, I still like him.  He's crabby and smart.  And he likes Hugh.

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