Monday, March 14, 2016

Speaking Into Your Existence

Apparently it really works.

A short time ago I mentioned how a guy I know on social media posts that he is speaking into his existence, the net effect being that he will maintain a positive attitude and have a week of good things. Having a bad run at thrifting myself, I tried to speak into my existence for, among other things, some of Ulla Procope's Ruska dinnerware for Arabia but it didn't work.

Yes, well ...

Arabia Ruska Demitasse/Espresso Cups

Arabia Ruska After Dinner Coffee Cup

Less than two weeks later, a set of Ruska demitasse cups, at a generally lackluster thrift. Not even an odd number of cups, or partially damaged. Maybe not the motherlode, but thanks for getting back to me, Existence.

By the way, this lovely set is now in the shop and you should pick it up.

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