Monday, May 8, 2017

Nordiska Treasury of Rya Rugs

A recent find: two catalogs, Nordiskas Design, published by Nordiska Industri AB, a Swedish manufacturer of rya rugs. One from 1967, one from 1968.

The rya rug sometimes gets lumped in with the general "shag" rug trend of the 60s and 70s, but it is an age-old textile technique that goes back thousands of years. From the catalog:
As a warming quilt it was found during most the 18th century in the homes of the nobility as well as in simple peasant cottages. It belonged to the standard equipment at sea until the end of the last century.
During the 18th century a new rya was introduced, now with the pile turned upwards. Beautiful rugs with many colours. Family emblems were knotted in, so were initials together with the number of the year and other kinds of decorative designs. The technique was also used for wall tapestries, cushions and stool covers. Many are still preserved.
Since 1879 Nordiska has carried on this old tradition. Everything has been preserved in our ryas. The design, however, is still in keeping, following with today's modern requirements.
Nordiska appears to have produced both completed rya rugs as well as rug kits to be knotted at home.

A good rya rug today is a great find. Here are a whole slew of highlights from the catalogs (even more after the jump.)

Isblomma, design Aappo Härkönen 

Mila, design Gerd Stenberg-Allert

Symfoni, design Maud Johanneson

Oas, design Birgitta Salenius

Forum, design Maud Poom

Cirkus, design Kaisa Edström

Skiffer, design Ingrid Bjernefors-Dahlman

Eko, design Gunvor Bröjer

Sesam, design Birgitta Salenius

Sirocco, design Maud Johanneson

Droppsten, design Ingegerd Hyltén-Cavallius

Polarnatt, design Ingegerd Hyltén-Cavallius

Vintergatan, design Kaisa Edström

Navarra, design Gerd Stenberg-Allert

Hjortron-Land, design Kaisa Edström

Vattenspel, design Kaisa Edström

Sauna, design Kaisa Edström

Kohinoor, design Gerd Stenberg-Allert

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Byrdcall said...

I am very happy to see these Nordiskas rya rugs shown here. Thank you for sharing. I am working hard to revive this nearly forgotten art form. I will share this with my readers. Rya rug making is making a comeback. Supplies are now available from Norway, and there are several companies in Finland which still provide kits. I am carrying on my grandparents' (the Lundgrens of Northboro, Mass.) work of teaching rya and providing supplies. Many of these images were new to me! Thank you.
Melinda Byrd