Thursday, February 18, 2016


As I drove past Greektown Casino this morning I saw an elderly woman getting out of a cab to go in for, presumably, a day of nickel slots. I questioned to myself how someone could find that entertaining, and thought about the way that people get addicted to the high of winning and just end up losing. What a terrible thing, don't do it little old lady!

And then I stopped and reprimanded myself for (a) judging someone else's good time (as usual) and (b) being a total hypocrite. Because nothing beats the high of a good vintage score, especially after a dry run.

I obviously jinxed myself with my last thrifting post because it's been miserable going since. I was planning to go on hiatus for a while, and then at the last minute yesterday decided to hit a couple of my regular spots. A guy I know on Facebook posts every week about "speaking into your existence" and willing yourself to have a good week, so I tried to will into existence some Arabia Ruska dinnerware, an original Braun Aromaster or a Sony PS-F5 linear tracking turntable but my optimism was not rewarded. 

At my final stop, lingering to prolong my chances, I ended up poking through the books (generally a fruitless endeavor at thrift stores). Jackpot.

Vintage architecture books, GA Architect

I don't know how a trove of vintage architecture books ends up in a random thrift store in a working-class suburb, but I'll take them. Naturally the hiatus is a distant memory - I'll be back out there thrifting the next time the opportunity arises. It's a sickness, people.

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