Friday, February 5, 2016


I recently spent some time cleaning out dead links from my bookmarks folder, and was dismayed to see so many blogs I used to follow have disappeared. It's like blogging stopped in 2012. Which it kind of did, with social media becoming the preferred way to connect online. But all that great information and inspiration disappeared too.

As a small business on social media, it can be difficult to connect with followers - a like or brief comment on Instagram is about as intimate as things get these days. Facebook used to be a conversation, but now you're lucky to reach 5% of your page fans without paying $10 per post. It has its uses for promotion, of course, but the magic of the casual connection is gone.

Social media also isn't really the best way to bundle various types of content in one place. So there's that.

I'm making a leap of faith and starting this blog again. Think of it as the Hugh backchannel - it isn't meant specifically to promote stuff we have in the store. It's more the things that inspire the store. Pop culture, vintage finds, musings on design, tales from around town. 

Hugh is still on social media! Connect with us on Instagram @thankhugh for product info and store stuff, and me @joeposch for things related to this blog and more. Follow us on Twitter @thankhugh. Fan us on Facebook /lovehughlongtime.

Blogging is dead. Long live the blog!

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PQZ said...

Thank you!

I find a longer, well curated read is worth 500 tweets by twits and twats.

Like Sunday Times puzzles in pens, there is something gratifying about reading 140 words over 140 characters.