Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Exotic Wood

An unexpectedly satisfying week at the thrift stores. Thanks February.

Vintage finds: Dansk Rare Woods, Sasaki, Kobenstyle, rosewood

Clockwise from upper left: Part of a set of really hip cocktail glasses from an unknown manufacturer, but basically a stemmed version of the Libbey St. Regis cocktail glass; sitting on a stack of Brazilian rosewood veneer chargers from Japan.

Dansk Kobenstyle pot in white; on top of a Dansk Rare Woods tray, this one in Mutenye wood. It wasn't free, but it wasn't expensive, and only the second time I've discovered Rare Wood in the wild. The other time was a rosewood ice bucket with a poorly repaired split top for $500 at an estate sale, which needless to say neither I nor anyone else bought.

Dansk Mutenye Rare Woods tray

A set of Sasaki Handcrafted rocks glasses, most with labels, surprisingly undamaged and complete at the Salvation Army. Those of you who thrift know what a miracle this is.

Sasaki Handmade crystal old fashioned glass

Rounding out the exotic woods, two teak bar boards from Den Permanente, the legendary Danish design store in Copenhagen.

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